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You might have heard the words “art conservation” hundreds of time.

But have you ever wondered what art conservation actually is? Let’s dig into the article to find answers to some common queries about the conservation of art and cultural heritage!

What is art conservation?

Well, the conservation of art is the process of documenting and preserving the cultural heritage objects in the world. The main intend of art conservation is to preserve the art for generations.

Moreover, it’s a common belief that artwork aesthetic has secondary importance to its conservation. …

The Beauty of History Through Art Conservation

The Research Center of the Romoe Conservators Network extends the privilege for users to review the leading institutions within the restoration and monument conservation field all in one digital platform. Those on the path to discovering top-notch research will enjoy a simple to use subject-specific search to browse through centers dedicated to this work. The Romoe Research Center aims to further the study of art conservation and bring its beauty to the public.

Works of art in museums and historic buildings

Art conservation requires professionals to specialize in one area of expertise. Many conservators with different skill sets may come together…

Romoe Conservators Network To Share Skills of Art Restoration, Offers Invaluable Educational Opportunities For Prospective Students

Romoe Conservators Network, one of the world’s leading institution in art restoration and conservation, offers a plethora of educational resources and applied training in art and historic preservation. Individuals seeking all learning opportunities are encouraged to review coursework and training options, including certificates, master’s degrees, internships, and future employment. The network aims to shape the lives of prospective artists, scholars, and chemists to share the impact that art conservation has on humanity.

Students during the restoration of artworks,

An art conservator’s career is dedicated to protecting and preserving cultural artifacts…


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