Romoe Conservators Network To Share Skills of Art Restoration

2 min readMay 7, 2021

Romoe Conservators Network To Share Skills of Art Restoration, Offers Invaluable Educational Opportunities For Prospective Students

Romoe Conservators Network, one of the world’s leading institution in art restoration and conservation, offers a plethora of educational resources and applied training in art and historic preservation. Individuals seeking all learning opportunities are encouraged to review coursework and training options, including certificates, master’s degrees, internships, and future employment. The network aims to shape the lives of prospective artists, scholars, and chemists to share the impact that art conservation has on humanity.

Students during the restoration of artworks,

An art conservator’s career is dedicated to protecting and preserving cultural artifacts with historical significance. Professionals work to prolong the lives of these artifacts by protecting them from damage and deploying various studied techniques to slow or stop the natural aging process of the object. Although a museum may shelter paintings and objects from the elements, they would continue to decay and fall apart without the proper care of a conservation team. Alternatively, art restoration specialists strive to repair damage to the subject, effectively reversing the aging process to a certain extent.

“Behind nearly every ancient monument, historic work of art, or museum exhibit you have ever seen is a team of conservators dedicated to their preservation,”
says Mathias Möller, Creative Inventor, Developer, and Founder of the Romoe Conservators Network.

“We have created a space for prospective students to gain the best knowledge in our field.”

Romoe continues to share the significant impact of art conservation on millions of people who may have the opportunity to experience and learn from countless ancient artifacts firsthand. The network also strives to continue research that gives the public a richer understanding of human existence.

For those interested in a strong knowledge of the crafting techniques, aesthetic styles, and chemical compounds for preservation, review opportunities at

About Romoe

Romoe Conservators Network is a globally-recognized institution dedicated to connecting associations, foundations, art conservators, manufacturers, and suppliers together to pursue common goals of improving the market position of restorers while providing an independent platform for art restoration expertise. With over fifteen years of collaboration and innovation, the Romoe Conservators Network has made a name for itself in the world of art conservation. Membership entails access to benefits and opportunities for all including education, search tools, and shared digital space.




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