The Importance of Heritage Conservation

4 min readMay 28, 2022

Heritage is a tangible material resource through which nations can learn about the cultural and social activity of previous civilizations. Heritage Conservation is one of the important sources of information. That helps peoples recover what people have lost at the present time based on the past. It helps to solve many problems in different ways. Linking the past with the present, therefore gives a feeling of emotional satiety as a result of feeling the beauty of the past.

Schwerin Castle, Germany — Photo: Romoe Conservators Network, anuvito

Types of heritage

Vital heritage: It is called collective heritage. It includes the symbols of life on the surface of the earth. As for the individual heritage, it includes the various elements of life present in the human body.

Cultural heritage: It is all the beliefs, customs, and traditions related to a group of people in a particular place. It is represented in archaeological monuments, caves, inscriptions, works of sculpture, and paintings. Some ancient archaeological and cultural sites.

Scientific heritage: It includes scientific studies and research, and the achievements reached by mankind on a particular phenomenon.

Intellectual heritage: It is the heritage associated with thought and mental interaction.

Natural Heritage: It is represented in the physical and biological features. The habitats of some endangered animals, and some places that are characterized by the beauty of nature.

National Heritage: It is the heritage related to a specific time. That includes people who follow a certain system. This period includes a group of scholars, thinkers, poets, singers, and doctors.

Social heritage: It is the heritage that includes all aspects of social life, and its various aspects.

Tangible heritage: includes cultural products stored since ancient times.

Literary heritage: It is the heritage associated with literary arts such as poetry singing and writing.

The structural heritage: This heritage is considered complementary to the social heritage. It is about some of the customs that grandchildren pass on from their grandparents.

The preservation of cultural heritage — by restorers

Value of Heritage Conservation

  • Heritage Conservation helps with social cohesion. The promotion of peace and mutual trust among people.
  • It helps the continuity of society and the strengthening of the human and cultural identity of various civilizations.
  • Heritage works on the recovery of the local and international economy through the revitalization of domestic and foreign tourism. The circulation of foreign exchange between the countries
  • Adherence to heritage helps to know the history of people. Thus, contributes to cultural, intellectual, and social progress, and gets rid of the domination of other peoples.
  • The present can be linked to the past through heritage. Heritage helps to know the civilizations of previous peoples. Which contributes to the progress and development of nations.

Aspects of heritage.

There are two types of heritage aspects:

The moral aspect: it contains sciences, customs, values, literature, and arts.

The physical aspect: it contains buildings, monuments, and historical events. That is transmitted from one generation to another and helps create the present and the future.

The relationship of man to heritage

There is a close relationship between man and heritage. For man, heritage is the main source of the past, and the only thing capable of forming the present and the future. Where it helps to strengthen the identity of people and prevents its distortion. Through Heritage Conservation, man can deal with the things surrounding him and derive from him the ability for thinking; Because the present cannot be separated from the past, and the human relationship with heritage conservation is growing day by day. Because heritage is an important part of social, literary, scientific, and political awareness and a reliable source. That can be referenced in anything that needs research and discussion.

Heritage conservation is represented in the customs, traditions, rituals, practices, and folk songs that the current generations have inherited from previous generations. It is an inherited root that must be preserved. Because it helps to gain life experiences and to form the identity of the present and the future. Therefore, awareness must be made of the importance of preserving heritage. The need to adhere to it. Because it is reflected in the present and future of nations, and heritage can be preserved through the following methods:

Spreading awareness of the importance of heritage in educational bodies governments and all community institutions, and demonstrating the extent of the importance of the historical roots of previous peoples.

Holding exhibitions that display some of the ancient monuments, and contribute to the consolidation of the cultural heritage.




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