Romoe Conservators Network Partners With Those Seeking to Preserve

2 min readMay 10, 2021


The Beauty of History Through Art Conservation

The Research Center of the Romoe Conservators Network extends the privilege for users to review the leading institutions within the restoration and monument conservation field all in one digital platform. Those on the path to discovering top-notch research will enjoy a simple to use subject-specific search to browse through centers dedicated to this work. The Romoe Research Center aims to further the study of art conservation and bring its beauty to the public.

Works of art in museums and historic buildings

Art conservation requires professionals to specialize in one area of expertise. Many conservators with different skill sets may come together to complete a preservation on a particularly large or complex project. Reconstruction is divided amongst several methodologies that include restoring buildings exactly how they were, maintaining the appearance of buildings, preserving the aesthetics while repurposing, reconstructing archaeological and other historic sites, and era-appropriate construction techniques.

“There is more to art conservation than most people think,”

says Mathias Möller, Creative Inventor, Developer, and Founder of the Romoe Conservators Network.

“The study of these artifacts and ways to conserve some of the world’s most treasured historical pieces requires meticulous craftsmanship and a vast historical knowledge.”

Book restoration, mural paintings, reconstruction, antique furniture, and more illustrate extraordinary history. Ancient books and manuscripts are invaluable artifacts both for the knowledge they contain and for providing a window into the perspective of human ancestors. Mural preservation involves an intimate understanding of the materials the mural is applied to and the techniques used to create it. Reconstruction is focused on maintaining the historic appearance of important buildings and monuments. The study of ancient furniture teaches about both the craftsmen who made them and the private lives of the people who owned them.

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