Art Conservation: Make the Cultural Heritage in the World Alive!

3 min readMay 13, 2021

You might have heard the words “art conservation” hundreds of time.

But have you ever wondered what art conservation actually is? Let’s dig into the article to find answers to some common queries about the conservation of art and cultural heritage!

What is art conservation?

Well, the conservation of art is the process of documenting and preserving the cultural heritage objects in the world. The main intend of art conservation is to preserve the art for generations.

Moreover, it’s a common belief that artwork aesthetic has secondary importance to its conservation. A conservator-restorer aims at keeping the original form of artwork so that people can enjoy the artist intends behind its creation.

The preventive measures to protect the cultural assets from future damage also fall under the category of art conservation. Some of these measures include protection against light, temperature and humidity.

The conservation of art

Why is art conservation important?

The diverse cultural manifestation from historic museums to contemporary art has the power to transform our society. The societies disrupt by economic instabilities, or social change can get their identity back with the help of cultural heritage. Thus, art conservation is the need of society.

Besides these, other things that make the conservation important are:

  • Art conservation protects the culture of the community. With conservation of art at the right time, we can save all the paintings or sculpture that had inspired change.
  • Art conservation helps to conserve the historical sites in proper conditions.

Step by step process of art conservation:

Do you think the conservation is a quick process? If yes, you’re in deception. With art conservation, you intend to conserve your values, your assets and your culture. That’s why art conservation is a quite challenging task for a conservator.

Let’s look at the steps that art conservators mostly go through during the process of art conservation-restoration.

  • Condition assessment: If you’re new to conservation for your organization, you need to assess all the collection. Asses which object should be sent for conservation. You can also take help from the professional art conservators to help you in this assessment process.
  • Conservation treatment: During an assessment, the art conservator would also recommend the best conservation treatment. Besides, the conservator will also tell you the estimated time for the project. Mostly it’s the total time from research, material selection to treatment.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance is as important as the treatment to maintain the integrity of the art. Conservation treatment brings the art back to its original state. Whereas maintenance keeps it alive for the rest of its life.

In this digital era, it’s never been difficult to find the right conservator for your art conservation tasks. Whether you need to restore a painting or the cultural heritage in the museum, just visit the Romoe Conservators Network to find a highly professional conservator.




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